Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fiesta Lime Chicken

On Friday My good friend Sabrina and I went out for a girls night. (We had been planning it since Christmas and just never got around to it.) For dinner we went to Applebee's. And she ordered the fiesta lime chicken. She said she ordered it every time and she would be very happy if I could recreate it for her. So, in honor of Sabrina I give you wanna be Fiesta Lime Chicken! (We also went to the bead store and made watch bands it was really fun!)


4 boneless skinless chicken breasts (grilled all the way through in the bbq)
2 cups ranch dressing (I suggest the homemade ranch packet kind because it doesn't seem to be as strong)
1/2 cup salsa (pureed in a food processor)
1-1 1/2 cup shredded cheese
about 1/4 bag crushed up tortilla chips
1-2 limes


1. Cook up the chicken on the barbecue and set aside.
2. On four individual plates, put a pile of crushed up tortilla chips.
3. Mix together ranch and salsa puree.
4. Put a spoon full of ranch mixture over each pile of tortilla chips, covering them.
5. Put one chicken breast on each pile of chip and ranch mixture.
6. Add more sauce (optional).
7. Cover with cheese.
8. Put each plate under the broiler in the oven for about a minute each plate.
9. Squeeze some lime juice over each dish (optional)

Jo's tips: Serve with rice. We found this dish to be really strong do it is good to serve with rice and I mixed the chicken with the rice, it toned it down a bit. If you like ranch you will love this dish! It was also REALLY good with the avacado so I would recommend that as well if you like them.