Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It has been crazy at my house since Christmas. First the car broke right after thanksgiving, then I was sick for the three weeks before christmas, the week in between christmas and new years we gutted the bathroom in order to lay tile, which we also did, then the car broke again. And in the middle of it all the batteries died in my camera. I Have new batteries now and have calmed down just enough to start cooking again! yeah. There is a catch.....We are living on our food storage right now because we spent all our money on cars and bathrooms and doctor trips! Ok enough about me lets talk about food!
The first time I had a grilled peanut butter and jelly was when I was in kindergarten! My dad was in charge of getting me lunch. Usually mom only made regular pb&j but that day I had it grilled (dads are so cool) with a large glass of milk! It was the best lunch a five year old ever had!

I ate a whole lot of these when I was pregnant, for some reason I just craved them. So pick your favorite jelly and have yourself a grilled pb&j sandwich! they are soooooo good!


Rachel Sue said...

You, know, I have heard about grilled PB&J but I have never tried it. . . I bet my kids would like it.

And yes. I really want a cork floor. You can finish it so it looks like laminate, but it is softer so when you drop something on it, it won't break!

I drop things a lot. . .

Tigger said...

Grilled PB & J, who'dve thought? I love melted PB on ice cream, I will have to try this idea. It sounds wonderful!! Thank you for the idea!